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Loading... ѾǡѺͧѭһ .. 2000 úҧ

          ѭ֧ѹ .. 1990 ҡѧҡ .. 1995 աҳ֧ѹ 1 Ҥ 2000 ֧ѭѾ

          Year 2000 Problem "ѭһ 2000" ѹ ͧ ѭ 2000 ֧֧ .. 2000 ѭԴѺк кҧ

          The Millennium Bug "ԴҴ" ԴҴͧ¡ ѡ (bug) ѧ Millennimu Bug ֧֧ ԴҴԴҡŧ 0 ء ˹ѹ 2000 ͧ

          Y2K ҧҧҹ K ҡҧŢ֧ѹ 2K ֧֧ 2000 Y2K ֧֧ .. 2000

          ¡ҧ ҧٴ Y2K ҧٴ֧ Millennium bug ҧٴ֧ Year 2000 Problem ѹ

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