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Loading... ѭһ .. 2000

          Թͧ ѧԹҹҧáԨ֧ͧͧѺ ҹ¹ŧ ѹ֡ ֧ѹ֡ ˹ͧԹҷ ҷ ѹ ͹

          ʹյ ѹٻẺ YYMMDD 920131 ֧ .. 1992 ͹Ҥ ѹ 31 ѡɳԴ ҤҧáԨӹǹѹӹǹ Ѵҡ ѧԴͧʹյԴ ͧԹ Ѳ ҹҧáԨ տͧѹẺ YY MM DD á ѹ 25 ѹ .. 1975 750225 ѭԴѹ 1 Ҥ .. 2000 00010 Դ Ѻ 1900

          ¹ .. §ͧѡѹҹ ŢѡҡкҴԧ ֧§׹ͧѹ 99/12/31 Ѻ 00/01/01 Ţ ͹͹ѧ˹

          кҹ MIS ӹǹҡͧѺѹ ѹ§ YY/MM/DD ó Ѵ§ ѹ 1 Ҥ 2000 00/01/01 Ѵ§ 99/12/31 Դԧ

          ӹdzҧ ͧѧաҡӹdzҧҹ ӹdz Դ͡ ӹdzѺкѭҧͧͧСͺӤѭ ҹӹdzѭ

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