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         ԧѹ () §ҹѹ 20 Ҥ иҹҸԺ ѹ ѰԡŧѧѺ˹ҤáԨ ͧҧ дѹͧѹѭ .. 2000 Y2K зš §ҹ-ѺѺѭ Y2K ѺŧѰº͹ԹҧèѹҾѹ͡ҧ Marryland ѧ˹ѴѺѭ Y2K ҤáԨ ҤѰ ͧҧ ѧ˹¡ѺԷҧҹҧСѺͧԹѭ Y2K ѧ˹Ѵ Web Site èѺѭ Y2K ֧ش§ҧ ª áԨҴѰѰ

          ͡ҡѧҹѭ Y2K ШºиҹҸԺѰ ѧԴҹѻóçԺѵԡѭ Y2K еôѷáԨҴǨͺкͧͧʺѭ Y2K

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