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รวมเวบไซต์เกี่ยวกับปัญหาคอมพิวเตอร์ปี ค.ศ. 2000

  • The Siam Cement Group Y2K Website
  • Thai Airways International Y2K Website
  • Healthcare's Year 2000 Information Clearinghouse
  • การ์ตูนปัญหา Y2K
  • รวมความรู้เกี่ยวกับปัญหา Y2K
  • Year 2000 (y2k) problem & preparatio โดย SiamWeb
  • ข้อมูลการเตรียมความพร้อมในการแก้ปัญหา Y2K ของ EGAT
  • ข้อมูลการเตรียมความพร้อมในการแก้ปัญหา Y2K ขององค์การโทรศัพท์แห่งประเทศไทย (TOT'S Y2K COMPLIANCE PROJECT)
  • TheYear 2000 problem- The Millennium Bug - is nearly upon us. Already computer systems, softwareand hardware, have crashed due to the fact that they can not recognize theyear 2000. Action needs to be taken now if you want your businessto survive into the year 2000. This is not just a computer issue, otherequipment that is date reliant could be affected by the year 2000.
  • Action 2000 - Millennium Bug includes Business Programme, Domestic Environment, National Infrastructure Programme
  • The Millennium Bug Home Check - This website provides guidance and advice about the Millennium Bug in the home.
  • National Level Y2000 websites By Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool
  • http://WWW.PROVEIT2000USA.COM/
  • Y2K Service & Solution Provider by http://www.millennium-master.com/
  • Y2K assessment and resolution across the internet from http://users.cwnet.com/jrest/y2kbusters.html
  • Y2K Resolution from http://www.seascape.org/default.html
  • The Year 2000 Information Center by Tanagra
    Y2K Wire news, vendor information, Y2K Wire for news stories, Good resources.
  • Lots and lots of links on the year 2000 problem, including government Specific/hardware/software/list by company, and links to Y2K pages from companies like Adobe and Cisco. Excellent place to start.
  • Legal & Management Information on the Year 2000 Computer Problem
    This site explores the multitude of legal issues related to identifying, controlling and remediating the problem, in addition to the apparent torrent of litigation that will arise if/when the malfunctions begin. Features liability issuers, Y2K vendors, articles, links, a search facility.
  • Everything 2000
    Features a general look at the new century plus computer-related issues, events, organizations, groups, news and so forth – nicely done site.
  • Y2K Year 2000 Solutions
  • Switzerland Y2K-Online-line Consultants
    Welcome to the Swiss Year 2000 (Y2K) Solutions Site for business and computer consultants.
  • A Business Guide to the Year 2000 (Y2K) Computer Date problem-Support, Help by The computer Information center (compInfo)
    Y2K Year 2000 Support Help Date problem Inventory Assessment Impact Analysis Conversion Remediation Repair Replacement Scrap Test Testing Banking
  • Indonesia Y2K-Online System & Packages
    Welcome to the Indonesian Year 2000 (Y2K) Solutions Site for pre written software, application packages, software systems and turnkey solutions
  • Y2Kplus : Y2K, Year Two Thousand, Lexington, Software
  • S.Africa Y2K-Online Hardware Products
    Welcome to the S.African Year 2000 (Y2K) Solutions site, featuring hardware vendors, processors, periherals, networking solutions, terminal
  • India Y2K online Outsourced Services
    Welcome to the Indian Year 2000 (Y2K) Solutions Site for Outsourced services, including data entry, validation, conversion, imaging, OCR, storage
  • Know Y2K Problems. Platforms. Open Systems. Personal Computers. Desktop Workstations.
  • Eire Y2K Online Installation Services
    Welcome to the Irish Year 2000(Y2K) Solutions Site for Installation Services including wiring, site planning, network cabling, electrical supplies
  • Wincap Year 2000. Accurately assessing the scale of the project before embarking on the solution is one of the most critical procedures when making major.
  • 12 Reasons to Ignore the Y2K Problem
    12 Reasons to ignore the year 2000 problem. January 1, 2000, falls on a Saturday and Monday is a holiday – you'll have plenty of time…..
  • Y2K Bug by Microsoft : Microsoft Proxy Server v2.0, Proxy 2.0 Evalution Avaible. The First extensible Firewall and Web cache Server for Microsoft Windows NT Server
  • S.Africa Y2K Online Tools Developers
    Welcome to the S.African Year 2000(Y2K) Solutions Site for tools and software that can speed up the development and testing of your Year 2000
  • NAINPACT, NA2000 Scan, Natrace for C and Cobol, Y2K Strategic Triage and Audit Service, NA-Excel for Spreadsheets.
  • The SICOR Consortium Year 2000 Solutions
    AS/400 Encapsulation. Y2K Overview. The problem. SICOR's Year 2000 Solution.
  • Microsoft TechNet IT Home Year 2000
    Microsoft Year2000 Resource Center, Product Guid, Frequently Asked Questions, Industry Solutions, Services and Tools, Year 2000 Seminar
  • Year 2000 Working Group Best-Practices Website and Online Conference by SIM International
    About the SIM Year 2000 Working Group./Confronting the Challenge of the Year 2000 Working Group./The Members of the Sim Year 2000 Working Group./About our Latest White Paper on Solving the Year 2000 Problem.
  • Georgia Tech Year 2000 Guide by Georgia Institute of Technology.
    DOOMSDAY 2000./ Year 2000 Government Information./ Year 2000 Issues List/Believe Me,It's Real./Microsoft Info/Pc's and the Year2000 Date Problem/ Testing Your PCBIOS for the year 2000/Hardware/software/Embedded Systems.
  • Year 2000 Technical Support Center by IBM Corporation
    VisualAge 2000 Packet Guide/ AIX, UNIX Operating Systems, and the Year 2000 Issue/ Transformation 2000 supports CICS and Transaction server Systems./AS/400 Application: IBM Year 2000 Tools.
  • Year2000 New Zealand : Our articles on the Year2000/NZ Clippings, Press Releases and other Articles/The official British Year 2000 guide: Tackling the Year 2000/ A selection of other very good Y2K articles/Some downloadable y2k-related software
  • Year 2000 Program by Sun microsystems
    Sun is ready for the Year 2000/Hardware and Networking/ Software and Networking/ Solutions and Applications/ Markets and Industries/ Workstations for Technical and Creative Professionals/ Desktop Applications/ Delivery Lifecycle in Health Care/Generic Lifecycle for Scientific Method/ Sun Enterprise Servers.
  • The Interactive UNIX System and the Year 2000.
    Overview/ The Y2000 Problem/ Y2000 Compliance Policy/ C Library Behavior\ Command and Utility Program Behavior
  • Ready for the Year 2000/ Solaris Year 2000 Compliance/ Year 2000 Frequently Asked Questions/ Sun Software Year 2000 Developer's Guide/ Year 2000 Application Testing Tools
  • Year2000 Project Management Solutions/ Year2000 Assessment Solutions/ Year 2000 Remediation Solutions/ Year 2000 Factory Solutions/ Year2000 Testing solutions
  • The Year 2000 Compliance Program by Compaq Computer Thailand Co Ltd
    Preparing for the Year 2000/PC, Upgate Bios/ Download Software
  • ปัญหาปี ค.ศ.2000 คืออะไร ?/ สาเหตุของปัญหา/ ผลกระทบของปัญหา/ แนวทางแก้ไข/ การเตรียมงาน/ การดำเนินงาน/ การทดสอบ โดย มหาวิทยาลัยเซนต์จอนห์
  • Year 2000 Solution by EDS (Thailand) Ltd.
    The Year 2000 Date conversion :Issue & Observations/ EDS2000 : Automated Tool for Year2000 Compliance
  • HP Year2000 Program by Hewlett-Packard Thailand Ltd
    Year2000 Overview/ HP Product Status/ HP's Cure2000 Solution/ HP Year 2000 Information Resources and Year 2000 White Paper/ HP Year2000 Compliance Definitions/ What's New
  • Year 2000 by Intel : The transition to the Year2000/ Evaluation Your Systems and Products/ What About Personal Computers?/ Intel's Year2000 Goal/ Year2000 Product Categories/ Intel's Statement of "Year 2000 Capability"
  • The Year 2000 Compliance Problem by CISCO SYSTEMS
    Product Compliance/ Compliance Letter/ Compliance Definition/ Test Plan Summary/ ITAA Certification/ Overview/ Whom to contact/ FAQs
  • Year 2000 Software Conversion: The Single Most Important Challenge Facing Computer Users Today by ITAA Sites Group
    Y2K Clearinghouse/ Y2K Publications/ Y2K Archives/ Y2K Vendor directory/ Y2K Surveys/ Y2K bookstore/ Y2K Legal Group/ Y2K Outlook Newsletter/ Y2K Success Stories/ Y2K Certification Program/ Y2K Congressional Hearings/ Y2K Calendar of Events/ Y2K Task Force.
  • The Millennium Year 2000 with the BCS
    BCS Year 2000 events/ The BCS Year2000 Series/ BCS Y2K articles/List of resources.

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