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Why some media criticize the remediation process and fear that many organizations are not actually Y2K ready?

Many media use some odd ways of measuring the completeness of the remediation.

Some use the numbers of Y2K webpages of each organization to measure how much have been done. Some use the amount of money spent or allocated budget to measure the success of the Y2K project. Thai media some time report these individual comments without much thinking about the creditability of the speakers. We can do the same by saying that we do not believe that Hong Kong companies or Singapore companies are Y2K ready because we do not receive any message directly from them. But this is nonsense. You cannot say that any company is Y2K ready or not by looking at how much time, persons, or money it spent. May be that company has just bought the new set of equipment which is completely Y2K compliant and did not need to spend a single cent on the remediation. May be we use a much clever method from the start and require no changes. You need to ask your suppliers, customers, and partners to be certain.

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