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The following table lists the names of major Y2K software deveolpers.
WRQ Express 2000 Suite Is a network-based software inventory and metering package that matches programs against a database of more than 6,000 applications to determine levels of compliance. It helps you discover completely of noncompliant PCs and applications, prioritize, and control your desktop Year 2000 problems.
OnMark 2000 Assess Uses a very fast scanning engine to locate date-related problems in popular spreadsheet and database files and unstructured text files. The package centers its analysis around five levels of severity that you can customized to focus on your real date issues rather than on phantom problems. It also scans embedded Visual Basic code in Excel and Access files to uncover buried Y2K issues.
McAfee 2000 Toolbox It focuses only on applications with Y2K compliance issues. 2000 Toolbox provides concise descriptions of Y2K issues in the noncompliant application along with workarounds that help you circumvent the problem, such as always using four-digit years in Excel. The database and spreadsheet analysis features in 2000 Toolbox locate Y2K date problems in Microsoft Excel, Access, and FoxPro, Visual dBASE, and text files, plus many more.
IST Year 2000 Packs Is designed to run on a network and supports more file formats than any other package we tested.It comes with CenturyPack modules for analyzing Microsoft Access, FoxPro, and Excel; :Lotus Approach and 1-2-3; and various languages, including Visual Basic and C/C++.
Check 2000 PC Scans key areas of PCs, including the BIOS, operating system, application, and user data files, and reports on date dependencies and advice for getting around Y2K issues. It provides useful information to asses your Y2K risk, but look to Check 2000 Client Server for remediation help. The client/server version runs on a network and automates much of the data collection and scanning in addition to delving into data files to find date issues. When it does find a date problem in a file, it assists with remediaion by letting you launch the app, correct the data, field mask, or format, and continue scanning.
DateSpy DateSpy locates date-sensitive values, formats, formulas, and macros in Excel spreadsheets, Visual Basic modules, and OLE or DDE links.DateSpy requires that Excel 5.0 or later be installed on the scanning PC, and it generates detailed reports in Excel format. A report summary page shows the number of workbooks, sheets, and modules found using your search criteria. The report's detail area shows what values were found in which moduels, the cell locations, and the formats and formulas that were used on the values.
Norton 2000 Finds Y2K anomalies in your important data
- Identifies, prioritizes, and reports on two-digit date calculation anomalies in spreadsheet cells and formulas, database fields and forms, and text.
- Scans Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Access, dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, and Clipper; supports all other file types via an unstructured file analysis engine.
- Parses embedded Visual Basic and macros in Excel spreadsheets.
- Audits your software applications for year 2000 compliance and tests them against a database of known year 2000 problems
Tests system BIOS and clocks
- Tests your system BIOS, real-time clock, and system clock via a boot floppy that
prevents the inadvertent destruction of data and program configurations during testing.
- Fixes any BIOS/clock problems which can be fixed by software, and tells you if you need to replace the BIOS.
BloodHound BloodHound diagnostic software provides the user with an easy, fast, and accurate means of identifying the amount and location of problem code lines in a number of high-level programming languages C, Fortran Assembly, Pascal, and many others.
Y2000+ Analyzer This software is very robust and can be used to analyze source code written in any high level programming language, on any platform and flags lines that potentially contain Year 2000 problems. The reports can then be used to isolate the critical Year 2000 problems in the application.
Survive 2000 Professional Software & Date Dependent Data File identification
Lists All Executable Files - COTS Software
Lists All Customized Software Executable Files
Search, List and Analyze Data Files
COMPAREX Multi-function database, load module and text comparison utility. Automates the complex tasks of file comparison and system testing, identifies the differences between any two files, eliminates the need for manual data comparison and analysis.
PROJECT2000 Identifies potential date and time dependent code, assists in isolating and correcting problems, and verifies that test suites cover all affected. Fast and comprehensive way to understand Year 2000 issues, correct errors, and verify compliance.

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