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How do you prepare for the Zero day?

We have a plan to monitor all Y2K incidents and accidents during the new year period.

All ministries are preparing an information command center to watch the situation closely. If there is anything wrong and it is believed to have caused by Y2K problem, it will be reported to the CIO's and necessary action will be ordered. Contingency plans have been prepared for all perceivable serious situations. Large departments which will affect the people at large such as the National Police, Department of Nuclear Energy for Peace, Revenue Department, etc., will also prepare to set similar command centers. Other departments will have a small IT team to monitor the situation. And, if there is any Y2K problem, a command center can be set up readily to revert to the contingency plan. We will also operate a National Y2K Command Center to communicate with all other command centers to make sure that we shall take necessary actions when Y2K incidents are reported. There will also be a command center in each province and the Governor will command the operations himself.

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