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What are the responsibilities of the Y2K Command Center?

The Y2K Command Center will monitor the Y2K situations in the involving organizations and departments. There will be three levels of Y2K Command Centers.

The lowest level Y2K Command Centers are either setup in each provincial office or in the public utilities. They will have a group of experts to answer calls and analyze the situation. If there is any Y2K incident, computer experts will be assigned to take action. However, if the situation turns out to be serious accidents or others, other groups of experts will be called to investigate the problem. They will also report the situation to their ministries.

The second level is the ministerial Y2K Command Centers. Their responsibilities are to receive the calls and take necessary actions. The ministerial CIO's are to be notified and give orders to their staff to ease the situation. They will report to the national Y2K Command Center.

The national Y2K Command Center is ready to give command once a serious Y2K incident is reported. The deputy Prime Minister will have direct control over this center and will also give command to the stand by disaster mitigation group in case the problem leads to serious disasters.

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