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National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC))
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)
Ministry of Science Technology and Environment

Activities :

          The Y2K Center works in coordination with other specialized groups at NECTEC to fulfill its responsibilities, classified into 4 groups of activities :

  • Secretarial office for Y2K-NCC and Y2K-SOS.
  • The Awareness and Public relation working group
  • The Assessment Working Group.
  • The R&D and Technical Development Working Group.

          A summary of the yearly activities is as follows:

  • Secretarial office of the National Y2K Coordinating Committee and Super Critical Organization Subcommittee (Y2K-SOS)
    • The Y2K-NCC meetings.
      Organized three meetings for the Y2K-NCC since established. The important resolutions of the Y2K-NCC are as follows:
      • Set up polical guidelines for the government sector to implement a Y2K plan.
      • Set up a deadline for the ministry to accomplish milestones according to the Y2K plan.
      • Set up the Y2K Super Critical Organization Subcommittee (Y2K-SOS) which is composed of 31 super critical organization in Thailand including public utilities, banking, telecommunication, electricity etc.
      • Adopt the use of a standard follow-up report format for the Y2K remediation plan.
      • Adopt the OECF load document to establish a reserve fund for Y2K activities in the government sector for submission to the cabinet.
  • Secretarial office of the Super Critical Organization Subcommittee (Y2K-SOS)
    The important resolutions of the Y2K-SOS are as follows:
    • Divide the members into 4 subgroups according to their similarity in function:
      • Power and Energy.
      • Telecommunication and Communication.
      • Finance and Insurance.
      • Public Orders.
    • Set up a mode of exchange of information and experience among members.
    • Set up test procedures and test plans amongst members.
  • Coordination with the Ministry of University Affairs and the Ministry of Education in building up the Y2K Network Institute over the country.
  • Arrange a visiting schedule of the D.PM. as chairman of the Y2K-NCC to the super-critical organizations in order to follow up on their remediation activities. The organizaions visited so far are: Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT), Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT), Bank of Asia, Thai Airways International and the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT).
Awareness and Public relation activities
  • Organized a National Seminar on "Year 2000: Policy and Implementation in the Government Sectors" on August 20, 1998. During the first national Y2K seminar, the coordinating committee gave its policy statement on Y2K remediation in the public sector. All government departments in Thailand were invited to this meeting.
  • An offical Y2K Homepage has been set up at http://www.y2k.nectec.or.th in order to publicize the Y2K remediation activities in Thailand as well as to provide compiled information, access to a database and tools, and communication facilities for the help desk.
  • Published information documents and brochures such as the Y2K Newsletter to be disseminated to the public. Currently more than 15 documents have been published and released.
  • Organized a Y2K seminar with the Federation of Thai Industry (FTI) to raise awareness amongst members of the federation.
  • Delegated more than 50 times an invited speaker to other Y2K forums in the country.
  • Coordinated with other media such as newspaper and television to publize the Y2K information related to the public.
  • The Assessment activities.
    The acitivities in this group include:
    • Released of questionnares to all government organizations to make an inventory of all Y2K related error-prone equipment and systems. More than 250 government departments reported according to the questionnares.
    • Developed a database containing all the date gathered concerning verification and assessment.
    • Coordinated with the Office of the Government Auditor to develop a standard report form.
    • Developed software for tracking the implementation of Y2K projects in each government department
    • Coordinated with other professional associations and organizations dealing with the Y2K remediation activities in the private sector, such as Thai Bank Association and the Securities Exchange of Thailand.

    As of mid October 1998, 319 mission-critical systems within the different government agencies were reported. The cost for a total renovation, including state enterprises, was estimated to be around 4,300 million baht.

  • The R&D and Technical Development Working Group.
    The responsibility of this working group are to do research and develop databases, tools and techniques suitable for important equipment and systems, information to be released to the public sectors. Activities done this far include:
    • Development of impact analysis methodology to evaluate the impact and risks.
    • Development of an inventory of Y2K-compliant systems for in-house systems examining purposes.
    • Development of a status tracking system to automatically report the status of Y2K remediation of equipment listed in the database

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