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Y2K Super Critical Organization Subcommittee

     Y2K Supercritical Organization Subcommittee was appointed to coordinate the Y2K remediation of the organizations whose systems may be seriously affected by Y2K problems. Altogether 31 organizations are represented in this subcommittee. During the first meeting, four working groups were organized to assess and renovate four important sectors which are described here. Y2K SOS meets every month to review the progress of the Y2K remediation.

  1. Power and Energy Sector
  2. Financial and Insurance Sector
  3. Telecommunication and Transportation Sector
  4. Social Orders Sector

I. Power and Energy Sector
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

         EGAT is a state authority responsible for generating almost all electricity for the whole country. Major sources of electricity in Thailand are hydro power plant and thermal power plants. EGAT has done very well in solving Y2K problems in its computers and embedded systems and is confident that there will not be any electrical distribution disruption at the turn of the millennium. Besides EGAT has finished its Contingency Plan for Y2K.

Main Website : http://www.egat.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.egat.or.th/y2k
Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)

         Metropolitan Electricity Authority is a state authority responsible for power distribution system expansion and improvement and to render effective, timely and excellent quality services to all consumers. MEA has started working on Y2K remediation for three years Major problems found are in its billing and data processing systems. All these and the embedded systems are renovated and MEA assures that electricity supply in Bangkok Metropolitan Area will not be in shortage. At present (August 99) MEA is busily developing its Contingency Plan.

Contact person Name : Mr.Wannawit Thamwanich
Title : Deputy Governor (Business)
Telephone : 253-6549
Fax : 252-7828
E-mail : wannawit@mea.or.th
Main Website : http://www.mea.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.mea.or.th/y2k.y2kE.htm
Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)

         Provincial Electricity Authority is government enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. It was established under 1960 Act by the Royal Decree executed on September 20th, 1960. The PEA objective is to the process on provision and distribution services of electric energy for customers in the provincial area. PEA has been active in investigating and solving Y2K problems in all its computers and embedded systems. Some problems are found and PEA has finished its Y2K remediation and testing. PEA has also developed and tested its Y2K Contingency Plan.

Contact person Name : Ms.Malini Mekswat
Title : Director of Information Technology Department
Telephone : 590-5756
Fax : 590-5816
E-mail : diritd@pea.or.th
Main Website : http://www.pea.or.th/
Y2K Website : http://www.pea.or.th/y2k/index.html
Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT)

         The government founded the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) as a state enterprise under supervision of the Ministry of Industry. It's main tenet is to conduct and support the petroleum business and other related business for the uttermost prosperity as well as promoting energy stability with the country. The main responsibility of PTT includes survey production and distribution of petrolium products. PTT has been working hard in investigating its computer systems. Refinery plants, petrochemical plants, gas plants, etc. are scrutinized closely and roll-over dates are simulated. Problems found are subsequently fixed. PTT is confident that it can function as usual without major difficulty. A year ago, PTT started to develope and test its Contingency Plan.

Contact person Name : Mr. Chaicharoen Atibaedh
Title : Director of Corporate IT Center
Telephone : 537-3733-4
Fax : 537-3736
E-mail : 200039@ptt.or.th
Main Website : http://www.ptt.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.ptt.or.th/y2k
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I. Financial and Insurance Sector
Thai Bank Association

         Thai Bank Association is a member of the National Y2K Committee and has been assigned a duty to coordinate the Y2K remediation in the Financial and Banking Sector. The Y2K coordinator is active in persuing the progress of the remediation among its nembers.

Website : N/A
Ministry of Finance

         Ministry of Finance is responsible for the financial status of the country. It's major department: Revenue Department, Customs Department and Excise Department are the major source of income for the country. Therefor, the Minitry is active in Y2K remediation and has pushed all these departments to investigate and solve the Y2K problems. More information can obtain from the Ministry's Website.

Main Website : http://www.mof.go.th
Y2K Website : http://www.mof.go.th/y2k/index.html
Bank of Thailand

         Bank of Thailand has a responsibility to control the bussiness of all banks in the country. BOT has ordered all banks to use the same standards of remediation and reporting. But has also finished its Y2K remediation and Contingency Planing. Moreover, BOT has already founded a Y2K Command Center to help coordinate and solve the Y2K problems.

Main Website : http://www.bot.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.bot.or.th/govnr/public/y2k/y2kindex.html
The Stock Exchange of Thailand

         The Stock Exchange of Thailand is the organization to enhance the mobilization of long-term funds for national economic development, provide effective production systems for investor with efficient transparent and fair operation of a securities market. SET determines to archieve two results with respect to Y2K problems. The fint is to eliminate all Y2K problems in its computers and data processing systems. And, the second is to make sure that all member companies are Y2K ready. At present there are about public companies and thestatus of these companies can be obtained from the SET homepage.

Contact person Name : Mr.Somkit Jiranuntara
Title : Senior Vice President
Telephone : 229-2389
Fax : 359-1002
E-mail : Somkit@set.or.th
Main Website : http://www.set.or.th/
Y2K Website : http://www.set.or.th/y2k
Office of Securities and Exchange Commission

         The Office has been aware of the Y2K problems and has since investigated. At present the Y2K remediation is finished.

Main Website : http://www.sec.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.sec.or.th/y2k/y2k.html
Department of Insurance

         Insurance regulator overseeing the performance of insurance business for the fair protection of the insured as well as the financial security of the insurers.

Contact person Name : Mrs. Nataya Lothuvachai
Title : Deputy Director General
Telephone : 547-4591-2
Fax : 547-4592
E-mail : natayal@mocnet.moc.go.th
Website : N/A
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I. Telecomunication and Transportation Sector
Thai Airways International

         Thai Airways International is the National airline that provides major air transport and services within the country. Thai Airways has broad experience in computer technology and application and has used this experience in solving Y2K problems internally as well as in helping other partners. Thai Airways coorperated with ICAO in investigating systems and devices which may be affected by Y2K problems. Thai Airways also helps ICAO in assessing and renovating Y2K problems in the airports throughout the country as well as in the neighbouring countries. Look for more infomation in the following websites.

Contact person Name : Ms. Bu-nga Kornvinai
Title : Director, Information Technology
Telephone : (662)545-1444
Fax : (662)545-3796
E-mail : bu-nga.k@thaiairways.co.th
Main Website : http://www.thai-is.co.th or http://www.thaiairways.com
Y2K Website : http://www.nectec.or.th/org/y2k-thaiair/index.html
Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT)

         The Telephone Organization of Thailand is the state enterprise that provides telephony services within the country as well as services to Malaysia and Laos. TOT realize that Y2K problem is the big issue that may bring its services to halt if not properly delt with. Therefor, TOT has extensively assesses the Y2K impacts in all its exchanges, devices and computer systems. TOT found that many telecomunication devices are not Y2K compliant and, from the last two years, has started replace them with new devices. All remediaton process finished at the end of July 1999. At present TOT is working on the testing of its Contingency Plan. The major risks are in the telecommunication exchanges and TOT is preparing extra equipment to ruduce these risks.

Main Website : http://www.tot.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.tot.or.th/y2k
The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT)

         The communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) is the state enterprise and renders 3 main services namely postal, monetary and telecommunications services. CAT is also responsible for the principal international telecommunications services only. CAT contracted Y2K assessment to an experienced consulting company and carried out the work of remediation by itself. Most problems lie in the telecommunication devices which have been renovated or replaced. CAT also conducted joint testing with SingTel and other partners.

Contact person Name : Mr. Sompol Chanprasert
Title : Vice President Data Telecommunications Service
Telephone : 506-3939
Fax : 573-5477
E-mail : csompol@siamese.cat.or.th
Main Website : http://www.cat.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.adm.cat.or.th/~y2k
Airports Authority of Thailand (AAT)

         Airports Authority of Thailand (AAT) is responsible for the operation and promotion of airport activities, including the management of other activities connected to the operation of airport activities. AAT has assessed its computer systems and embedded devices and has renovated the affected systems. At present AAT is working closely with the Thai Airways International in Y2K remediation. AAT has investigeted all the risks such as the communications and airplane services. Contingency Plan has been developed to make sure that services will not be interupt at the turn of the century.

Contact person Name : Mr. Pornchai Eua-Aree
Title : Director of Computer Services
Telephone : 535-5801
Fax : 535-5805
E-mail : aatcomp7@ksc.th.com
Main Website : http://www.airportthai.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.airportthai.or.th/html/y2k.html
The State Railway of Thailand

         The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is committed to serving the people of Thailand with suitable transport and delivery of goods in accordance with the Legislation Act (1951) of the State Railway of Thailand. In addition, SRT's responsibility to society includes contributing to the country's economy and tourism sector. SRT oprerates only a few automated systems such as the automatic ticketing systems and train switching. These systems along with the data processing systems are assessed and renovated. SRT is confident that there will not be disruption in its services. However, a Contingency Plan has been developed.

Contact person Name : Mr. Sriyoudh Sirivedhin
Title : Deputy General Manager (Development and Planning
Telephone : 220-4106
Fax : 220-4143
E-mail : ciosrt@motc.go.th
Main Website : http://www.srt.motc.go.th
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co.,Ltd.

         This is the government wholly owned company that is responsible for: Provision of Air Traffic Services for both domestic and international flights, Provision of Aeronautical Communications, and Provision of providing other related air transport facilities. The company is aware that Y2K problems may affect the lives of airline passengers. Hence, all radar devices and controllers are assessed and the affected ones are replaced. The remediation finished by July 1999 and the company is developing its Contingency Plan.

Contact person Name : Mr. Somnuk Rongthong
Title : Director of Software and Information System
Telephone : 285-9246
Fax : 287-3131
E-mail : rongth@mozart.inet.co.th
Main Website : http://www.aerothai.or.th
Y2K Website : http://www.aerothai.or.th
Department of Aviation

         Department of Aviation is a government agency of which the obligations are to control and administer civil aviation activities in Thailand. The department has investigated the effect on all its devices and the renovation has been carried out. A contingency plan is being developed and tested.

Contact person Name : Mr. Tiva Kuldilokrat
Title : Director of Technical Division
Telephone : 285-5544
Fax : 286-5228
E-mail : tech@mote.go.th
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I. Social Orders Sector
Ministry of University Affairs

         Ministry of University Affairs is responsible for the tertiary education of the country. Thus MoUA has a large pool of Y2K experts to help solve the problem. MoUA cooperates with the National Y2K Committee in establishing 7 Provincial Y2K centers in different parts of the country. The provincial Y2K centers are responsible for Y2K training, planning, assessing as well as renovating of all public and private sectors residing outside Bangkok.

Contact person Name : Mr. Songkram Luangthongkum
Title : Deputy Permanent Secretariat
E-mail : Songkram@mua.go.th
Ministry of Defence

         Realizing that the national security may be at risk if Y2K problems are not properly handled, the Ministry of Defense has actively started its Y2K project for three years. All data processing, weapons, and supply systems are assessed and the affected systems are planned for renovation. As of present, the Y2K remediation progress is advancing satisfactorily.

Main Website : http://www.mod.go.th
Y2K Website : http://www.mod.go.th/y2k/y2k.html
Royal Thai Police

         The office found that only a few systems may be affected by Y2K problems and necessary activities have been initiated to ensure that there systems will function properly. Other systems are being developed and Y2K compliant specifications have been incorporated.

Main Website : http://www.police.go.th
Y2K Website : http://www.police.go.th/y2k_2eng.html
Ministry of Public Health

         Ministry of Public Health manages close to one thousand hospitals in the country. Major risks are found to be in the data processing equipment and medical devices. MoPH has conducted extensive survey in three major hospitals and found that less than two percents of the medical devices may be Y2K affected. At present, the Ministry is working on the remediation and the Contingency Plan.

Main Website : http://www.moph.go.th
Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

         The Metropolitan Water Works Authority provides clean water to all households and offices in Bangkok and suburb area. MWA found that only a few data processing systems are affected by Y2K problem and necessary actions have been taken to ensure that the service will not be disrupted.

Main Website : http://mwa.or.th
Provincial Waterworks Authority

         The Provincial Waterworks Authority is responsible for providing clean water to the provincial area. It operates many small water treatment plants throughout the country. The assessment shows that no such plant is affected by Y2K problem. However, all computer systems are assessed and renovated. At present PWWA is working on its Contingency Plan.

Main Website : http://www.pwa.or.th
Office of Agricultural Economic, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

         The function of the Office of Agriculture Economics (OAE) are responsible for studying and analyzing agriculture economics, the agriculture policy and agriculture and cooperatives development plan, compiling statistics in agricultural economics information and evaluating outcome of investment made on agricultural plan.

Contact person Name : Mr. Kanok Khatikarn
Title : Deputy secretary-general
Telephone : 282-4053
Fax : 280-1548
E-mail : Kanokk@mozart.inet.co.th
Main Website : http://oae.hpcc.nectec.or.th
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)

         Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is local government. According to Article 89 of The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Act 1985, and under other related laws, the BMA has been authorized to perform 27 principal functions within its jurisdictional area. BMA has already investigated all its data processing and embedded systems. A plan has been made to renovate and test the systems. At present, the Y2K activities are going on well and BMA is comfident that it will be safe from Y2K problems. A Contingency Plan is also developed and tested.

Contact person Name : Mr. Somkuan Rawirath
Title : Deputy Permanent Secretary
Telephone : 226-1425
Fax : 224-5089
Main Website : http://www.BMA.go.th
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