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National Y2K Command Center open again on 29 February

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center setup the National Y2K Command Center again for monitoring the potential of Y2K bug that may impose over the computer system that may not been cleaned out for the bug.

This year, year 2000, is a leap year. So that February 2000 will have 29 days. In some programs, this error may occur and may result that this Febuary will have only 28 days, and may effect to other actions that utilize that result.

NECTEC as had been setup National Y2K Command Center for monitoring the Y2K bug in New Year's event, will again setup such unit for monitoring the Y2K bug between 29 February to 1 March 2000 together with other 21 organizations that regard as Y2K Super Critical Organization in Thailand such as Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) as well as other 15 ministries. The overall report of the monitoring will be concluded and make public announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Trirong Suwankhiri, Chairman of the National Y2K Coordinating Committee, on 1 March 2000 at the Government House.

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