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1998-12-22 Second seminar on "The Utilization of Y2K Project Tracking Software in government organizations."
1998-11-29 R&D Co. Ltd. presented the Y2K-PC Diagnostic software for public use. (Press release)
1998-11-26 NECTEC, the Ministry of University Affairs and the Ministry of Education agreed to cooperate in setting and operating Regional Y2K units to service government and private sectors.
1998-11-26 Seminar on "Y2K in Embedded System". Organized by NECTEC and the Federation Thai Industry (FTI). (Press release)
1998-11-26 The First meeting of the Y2K Super Critical Organization.
1998-11-22 Seminar on "The Utilization of Project Tracking Software for the Government Organizations."
1998-11-18 Seminar on Thailand Millennium Forum.
1998-08-20 First National Seminar on "Y2K : Policy and Guidelines for the Government Organizations." (Press release)


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