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National Y2K Command Center open again on 29 February

The Nation Electronics and Computer Technology Center setup the National Y2K Command Center again for monitoring the potential of Y2K bug that may impose over the computer system that may not been cleaned out for the bug

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Y2K Countdown

Thailand is aware of the Y2K problem and is seriously working on the remediation in all sectors. Starting in April 1998, the cabinet appointed a National Y2K Coordinating Committee and a national plan was set up to solve the Y2K problem in the Super Critical Organizations. The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister. Other members are CIOs of all ministries and representatives from private sectors
Y2K Thailand FAQ
  • Is the millennium bug a serious problem for Thailand?
  • How do critical organizations prepare themselves for Y2K crisis?
  • What have we done so far?
  • The National Y2K Committee has submitted a Y2K Law to the Cabinet but it was turned down. What should a company do now to reduce the risk of being sued for Y2K problem?
  • Can we believe that the Y2K readiness announcement of an organization is true?

Find all the answers about Thailand's Y2K activities and Progress in Y2K Thailand FAQ page.

Last update: 6 January, 2000.